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Yep Club Trys it Live – YIDT 046

Amanda and Johnna discuss superfoods in today’s episode. What are superfoods, are they worth the hype? Well, they are here to try some of the trendiest ones live and tell you their thoughts! Misophonia sufferers beware ? —> If you liked this episode please leave us a review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Support us on Patreon Instagram – @YepIDidThatpodcast

Released from Resolutions – YIDT 045

Amanda and Johnna have had time to process the new year a little bit and talk resolutions. Why do we do them? How can we actually be successful? Listen and find out we can shift our perspectives and kick a** in the new year.—> If you liked this episode please leave us a review on […]

Midnight Cookies – YIDT 044

A dietitian and a difficult eater get married, what could go wrong? Amanda and Johnna sit down with the man himself, Kyle, Amanda’s husband. He finally gets to say his side of the story and what it’s really like to live with a dietitian. Good, bad, neutral? Listen to find out!—> If you liked this […]

2018 Curtain Call – YIDT 043

Amanda and Johnna look back on their favorite natural health products and practices from Yep’s 2018 episodes. Grab a pencil and a glass of kombucha and get ready for all the goodness! —> If you liked this episode please leave us a review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Support us on Patreon Instagram – @YepIDidThatpodcast

A Very Prepubescent Christmas – YIDT 042

Merry Christmas to you guys! Amanda and Johnna are bringing a super special and embarrassing episode to you today. Have you ever gone back and read your old journals, well we read Amanda’s and they are too good not to share. Listen and enjoy that it’s hers and not yours being read.—> If you liked […]

YepClub ft Starley – YIDT 041

She’s kind, warm, inspiring, and comes from down under. Amanda and Johnna got to sit down with the amazing Starley! We dive into the life of this amazing artist, songwriter, and motivator to discuss health, in and out vs jack in the box, music, mental health, and of course fashion. Check it out! —> If you […]

Lettuce Talk About It – YIDT 040

In today’s continuation of the antibiotics saga Amanda and Johnna are talking about antibiotics in our food system. The twisting winding road of their use will be discussed. Are these things happening in our food affecting us really a big deal or not that’s the question of the day. Listen in and then subscribe and […]

You’re so Anti-biotics – YIDT 039

Antibiotics, we’ve all had to take them and we’ve all felt the fear from the internet’s portrayal of them. So, what’s really happening when we take them, when should we take them, and how is Johnna dealing with being on antibiotics for 3 months?! Amanda and Johnna answer all those questions in today’s episode! —> […]