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Relax. Just Get a Life Coach – YIDT 055

In today’s episode we continue our fun with our guest host, Kaityln Herman, talking all about what a life coach is and she gives some tips on how we can be applying new views to help ourselves out in this crazy thing called life. Grab a pen and notebook and get ready to write down […]

You Fill(er) Me Up – YIDT 054

Amanda is joined by guest host, Kaitlyn Herman. They are talking all about the beauty practices and products that Kaitlyn has tried. Amanda talks about her fear of all things botox and fillers and they have an honest conversation about the motives behind women doing these beauty practices. Listen in and don’t forget to subscribe […]

Will You Accept This Rose?- YIDT 053

This is the first episode of our special series with guest host Kaitlyn Herman. Today Amanda and Kaitlyn recap the “most dramatic” episode of the bachelorette and talk all things reality television. Grab a glass of rosè and get ready for a beautiful journey. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review! Support us on […]

It’s Our Birthday – YIDT 052

It’s been 1 whole year of Amanda and Johnna talking what’s fact and what’s crap within the health and wellness world. In today’s episode they reminisce on how the podcast came to fruition, what it takes to start a podcast, and where the next year is going to take the #yepclub. Thank you for listening […]

Pure 4 – YIDT 051

Food pyramid??? NAH, we follow the Pure 4. Amanda teaches us how to create plates using the Pure 4 and why it’s so important for us to have balanced meals. —> If you liked this episode please leave us a review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Support us on Patreon Instagram – @YepIDidThatpodcast

Inflammatory Comments – YIDT 50

Amanda and Johnna take a step away from trying the trends and talk about something that plagues us all, inflammation. You’ve heard the term but do you know what it is, or what’s causing it? Listen to hear all that and what steps can be taken to say bye Felicia to the f*ing inflammation.—> If […]

Pet Health – YIDT 049

Amanda and Johnna are talking about our furry companions and why their health matters. The pet industry is a huge money maker and how we take care of our pets is changing. Listen in to hear all about how Johnna helped get penny’s mange under control naturally and the high maintenance tendencies of Amanda’s dogs […]

Cleaning Up Our Act – YIDT 048

Amanda and Johnna take a look at how we clean our homes and clothes. You may be hearing about natural cleaning products and how you should be using them. Are they just a marketing hype or should you be taking notice and make some changes? Listen to hear the answer!—> If you liked this episode […]

You Clay Me – YIDT 047

Johnna talks with Amanda about her newest beauty obsession, bentonite clay. Learn all about this amazing trend and why it’s worth trying out for you, too!—> If you liked this episode please leave us a review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Get Your Adoption Shirt Here!!! Support us on Patreon Instagram – @YepIDidThatpodcast