Amanda and Johnna welcome special guest, Ziza Bauer, to the Yep Club!!! She gives us hot tips for being a boss lady wether it be in career, travel, hobby, or health. Ziza was the OG online editor for Darling Magazine, has guest edited for Life and Thyme, and currently is the branding director for the amazing Italian company Milaner. Join in on the fantastical conversation surrounding Ziza’s incredibly beautiful life. —> If you liked this episode please leave us a review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ / @Zizavita

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One thought on “YepClub ft Ziza Bauer – YIDT 033

  1. Hi Ladies, I just finished listening to your episode with Ziza Bauer, to whom I am happy to say I am related to! She is my younger first cousin on my mother’s side, so I can absolutely attest to her Italian/Irish heritage. She wears that badge with honor. Ziza has grown up to be a remarkable young woman and I am super proud of what she has been able to accomplish. She is definitely one of those special people who lives life to the fullest. Kudos on a great interview! Ciao Bella!! Xo

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